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We call upon Yang Berhormat Encik Khairy Jamaluddin to officially gazette the surf spot at Cherating, located beneath the northern headland of Cherating beach at Kampung Cherating Lama, as a surfspot that is protected by the Malaysian Ministry of Youth and Sports for the advancement of surfing in Malaysia. Cherating waves :-

  • form the breeding ground for young Malaysian surfing athletes.
  • are unique in the way the mellow waves break over a sand-based bottom, which is great for beginners.
  • produce reliable, consistently clean wave throughout the entire monsoon due to the area’s natural environment setup that is shaped by nature.
  • break in an easily accessible surfspot where no dirt track or boats are required to surf those waves.
  • are located near modern amenities where food and accommodation is conveniently available.
  • provide Cherating villagers with tourist income over the monsoon when other economic activities are of low demand.

After a new wave of surf tourism was introduced in the 1990s, Cherating has built and preserved a surfing legacy for more than 20 years with support from surfing industry giants, visiting world champion surfers and international surf tourists. However, the wave is threatened by coastal development and human negligence, as evidenced below :-

The reason why Cherating waves must be protected is because the natural environment is very sensitive to any human intervention whether by negligence or by direct imposition. We cannot control the forces of nature but we can control human activity that impacts the natural environment. This is how waves are formed :-

We humbly request the Ministry of Youth and Sports to protect and officially recognise Cherating waves as the official training ground for surfing enthusiasts in Malaysia.

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    YB Khairy Jamaluddin
  • Ministry of Youth and Sports

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By : KL Surfrider Malaysia