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Johor Bahru Local Mohd Haikal Wins 7th Annual Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2013 in Malaysia

January 2013, Desaru – Malaysia: Mohd Haikal from Johor Bahru posted his first ever surfing contest victory at his home break, winning the highly competitive Men’s Open victory yesterday in the all-Malaysian final of the 7th annual Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge at Desaru Beach in Malaysia, battling it out in a 25 minute challenge against the elements and fellow Malay surfers Mohd “Mamat” Daud and Mohd Didaqt from Cherating, as well as his younger brother Mohd Helmi.

According to organizer Nazir “Ajill” Salleh from Big Foot Industries, the final day of the event experienced “The rarest day of epic conditions ever in the 7 years of the Monsoon Mayhem.”  The event certainly lived up to the moniker of “mayhem” in terms of the waves, with sizeable 4-5 foot waves breaking all over the beachbreak, both on the outside and the inside sandbars, making for a true surfing challenge and creating a thrilling finale to the three day Monsoon Mayhem competition.

The perfect weather drew over a thousand surfers and spectators from Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur and other areas of Malaysia, as well as a significant contingent from Singapore for the three days event, which in addition to the surfing action included a Slide Jam skating competition and a big Saturday night beach party with DJ KBNL from Johor Bahru.

Men’s Open winner 23 year old Haikal was all smiles back on the beach after the final, after being carried up to the tower by his friends and family.  “I’m so happy to be the winner here at my home break,” he exclaimed.  “ It’s my dream to be a pro surfer, so this is really a big moment for me, to win my first contest.  I don’t have any sponsor so I want to thank my family and friends who support me.”  When asked what is his favorite local surfing he replied, “I go to Cherating whenever I have the chance, so it’s my favorite wave in Malaysia.  But I really want to go to Bali, that’s my biggest wish now.”

Haikal has been surfing for almost 7 years now, and takes home a nice 2,000 MYR (almost $700 USD) paycheck for his weekend of surfing.  In 2011 and 2012, Haikal received the “Best Johor Local Surfer Award”, and now adds the distinction of being a Monsoon Mayhem champion to his list of achievements.

Taking the second place Men’s Open trophy was Mohd “Mamat” Daud from Cherating, who is already a seasoned competitor and traveler, having won several Malaysian competitions and has multiple surf trips to places like Bali and the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia to his credit. “This is always a really fun event,” said Mamat.  “It was definitely a challenge out there to find a good open face in these conditions.  It’s a lot different from my home break of Cherating, which is a long left hand point break.  I won both my heats to get into the final, but just couldn’t find the one good wave I needed to post a big score.  I’m stoked for Haikal, getting his first win at his home break.  Good on him and congratulations!”

In the Women’s Division it was 5-time Indonesian women’s surfing champion Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea who dominated the Women’s Division final.  She wasted no time getting to work and attacking the often closing out waves, managing to ferret out a few open faces and posting the highest women’s single wave scores in the final.

“This is my 3rd time to compete here in Desaru,” said Gea.  “The first year I came here I won, but last year I didn’t even make it into the final, so this year I was determined to win it again. I knew I had to be aggressive in this type of wave condition, so I’m lucky I found a couple of good waves so I could post the best scores and get the win.  I’m really happy about my win!”

The Master’s (over 35 years of age) Division was won by last year’s winner Kaz Tushikazu of Japan, and second place went to Erwin Van Putten, a Dutch expat who lives in Thailand and came to the event to help out as a judge.  The Master’s Division also had the distinction of having the most variety of international competitors, with contestants from Malaysia, Holland, Thailand, Japan, Singapore, South Africa, Australia, and the USA

The Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge took place on the golden sands of Desaru Beach, located an hours drive east of Johor Baru and approximately 1.5 hours by car from Singapore.  It is an annual event that has grown by leaps and bounds since its beginnings 7 years ago.  It is the second year for the Monsoon Mayhem to be part of the Asian Surfing Championship Tour, and with the fact that 2014 will be a big year for Malaysian tourism, look for the event to be upgraded to a higher star event with bigger prize money and ASC championship points.

During the three days of the event, the surfing action included the Men’s Open Division, Women’s Division, Masters (over 35 years of age) Division, and a Bodyboard Division, with over 60 participants from counties such as Australia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Holland, South Africa, the USA, the Maldives, Singapore, and of course Malaysia.

At the awards presentation on the beach on Sunday afternoon, the Director of the Malaysia Tourism Ministry in Johor, Mr. Mohamad Isa Bin Abdul Halim said in his speech, “I would like to thank all the surfing community that came together to create and participate in this event.  We really hope that next year you all will come back again, as we hope to make an even bigger and better event for you, as it will be Visit Malaysia 2014.  We’ll look forward to seeing you again, thanks everyone!”

Nazir “Ajill” Salleh from Bigfoot Industries also added, “Without all you surfers we could not even have an event, so I thank all the surfers, my Bigfoot team, the government and the sponsors, and the ASC all their support and making it all possible.”

To see photos, videos, and all the results from the Monsoon Mayhem 2013, checkwww.asiansurfingtour.com and look up the Asian Surfing Championship (ASC) and Bigfoot Industries on Facebook as complete media will be available in the next 24-48 hours.

The Monsoon Mayhem event is supported by the Malaysian state of Johor as both a tourism promotion activity and in support of the growth of surfing in Malaysia.

Monsoon Mayhem 2013 was organized by Bigfoot Industries, JOHO and Boomslang, sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships with official event partners Tourism Malaysia, Tourism Johor, Pejabat Memeterian Pelancongan Negeri Johor, Kejora, sponsored by UNKL347, Fatimah Mohsin The Wedding Gallery, and Light Connections and is supported by the Surfing Association of Singapore, Johor Surfing Association, and MRB.

The official accommodation for the event was the Pulai Desaru Beach Resort and Spa, check them out athttp://www.pulaidesarubeach-johor.com

Monsoon Mayhem International Surf Challenge 2013 Contest Results:

Men’s Open Division


1.     Mohd Haikal (Malaysia)

2.     Mohd “Mamat” Daud (Malaysia)

3.     Mohd Didaqt (Malaysia)

4.     Mohd Helmi (Malaysia)


Women’s Open Division


1.     Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea (Indonesia)

2.     Diah Rayahu Dewi (Indonesia)

3.     Jessie Hong (Taiwan)

4.     Michaela Partin (USA)


Master’s Division


1.     Toshikazu Kirusji (Japan)

2.     Erwin Van Putten (Holland)

3.     James Coetcee (South Africa)

4.     Wann Hassan (Singapore)


Bodyboard Division


1.     Syed El Hussien (Malaysia)

2.     Ali Khusruwan (Maldives)

3.     Ali Javeed (Maldives)

4.     Ibrahim Shiman (Maldives)


Best Local Johor Surfer – Helmi (Tanjung Balu, Malaysia)

Media Contacts

Bigfoot Industries

Nazir “Ajill” Saleh

Event Coordinator

Mobile: +6581484900

Email: bfinternational@gmail.com


Asian Surfing Championships

Tim Hain

Media Director

Office:  +62361768293

Mobile:  +628123606674

Email:  tim@asiansurfingtour.comtim@isctour.com


About Bigfoot Industries

Bigfoot Industries was founded in 2006 by enthusiasts of extreme sports such as skateboarding, surfing and dirt biking. The company focuses on promoting the future development of board riding sports in Singapore, Malaysia, and throughout Asia.   Bigfoot Industries holds a number of events in the board riding categories yearly and sponsors diverse individual athletes in various disciplines. See more at www.bigfoot-industries.com

About the Asian Surfing Championships

The goal of the Asian Surfing Championships is to grow the sport of surfing in Asia from the grassroots level by assisting each country in creating organized and sanctioned events that will develop the skills of their surfers in healthy competition as well as to draw attention to their area for the progression of surfing locally, nationally, and throughout the Asian region.

Organized surfing competitions have historically been the best medium for the development of surfers and for the sport of surfing.  Learning how to compete fairly and to being disciplined in training and competition key assets needed not only for surfing but also for life.

The ASC works with the local, national and multinational event sponsors and organizers to maximize the results of these competitive surfing events towards accomplishing the goals of sharing the sport of surfing and bringing positive economic, social, and environmental benefits to the people in these Asian countries.

With a multi-stop and multi-national surfing tour, Asian Surfing Champions will be crowned each year in multiple divisions including Open, Women, Longboard, Junior, and Master.  For more seewww.asiansurfingtour.com

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Made Darmayasa Wins Rip Curl Pro Terengganu in Malaysia

3 December 2012, Terengganu-Malaysia: In a very closely contested battle for the ASC Men’s Open Division win, Bali’s Made Darmayasa narrowly trumped fellow Balinese pro Garut Widiarta to take the 6 star Rip Curl Pro Terengganu victory and his first ever ASC tour win yesterday.

Battling it out in a rainy and windy 20 minute final were four Indonesian surfers, two from Bali and two from West Java, going blow for blow in the smallish two-foot waves.  Garut Widiarta gained the lead early, smashing out first a 6.5 and then a 7.0 score for a 13.5 two wave total, seeming to have the final won, while the West Javanese brothers Sandi Selamat and Andre Julian and Made Darmayasa prowled the shifty lineup looking for big scores, but only getting average scores.

Then at just after the mid point of the final Darmayasa found his rhythm and posted first a 6.0 and then a 7.5 point score to equal Widiarta’s 13.5 total.  The tension in the water and the beach was electric, as both surfers prowled the lineup looking for best wave with which to score 6.1 points or better in order to break the tie.  MC Ajill kept the surfers all posted on the remaining time as the minutes ticked by, also informing the crowd and the surfers that even though there was a tie score, Darmayasa would get the win as he had the highest single wave score of the final.  In the end it seemed that fate was on Darmayasa’s side, as the ocean failed to give up any more waves and the win was his.

“I feel so happy win this contest, so stoked,” said Darmayasa with his wide trademark grin.  “I was scared with Garut, Sandi, and Andre out there, as they all such good surfers, really dangerous!  I had to wait and wait to get a couple of good waves, and luckily I had a chance to do a couple of big maneuvers that got me some big scores.  I’m so lucky that Garut didn’t catch any more waves too!”

Darmayasa goes home with RM 6,000 (approximately $1,800 USD) and 3,000 Asian Surfing Championship points.

The Bodyboard Division was won by Ibrahim Shiman from the Maldives, which saw two Malaysians and two Maldivians battling it out for the victory.

Organizer and Contest Director Bryan Ng was delighted with the results of the event, saying,  “Terengganu is quite new to surfing, so we’ve been working with the government to promote surfing in this area as it is one of the best places to surf in Malaysia.  It’s my third year doing an event here and I think we’re making great progress. About 5 years ago when I came here there were about local 5 surfers…now there are about 50. And this weekend we had surfers from all over Asia coming here compete, so I’m really stoked.”

ASC Head Judge Arya Subyakto was also impressed.  “It was amazing how well the contestants performed all during the competition,” he said. “Even in some testing conditions especially during the low tide periods. I was particular impressed by Terengganu local Khairil Doje’s performance in the longboard division, from my view he has great potential and it was good to see that, given that  the surf community here is only a few years old.  It was also great to see the enthusiasm of the locals, coming to compete with the best surfers from around Asia, and to see such a big turnout on the beach each day from the spectators.  But I have to say it was a bit different to have so many people at the beach but so few bikini’s and boardshorts on the spectators!”

A total of 61 competitors signed up for Men’s Open Division; 39 Malaysian, 13 Indonesian, 1 each from the Maldives, Taiwan, Thailand, France, and England, and 1 from Singapore.

Of the 18 Women’s Division competitors, 12 were Malaysia, 3 from Indonesia, and 1 each from Taiwan, Thailand, and the USA.

The 15 Masters Division (35 years of age and older) competitors included 8 from Malaysia, 2 from Thailand, 2 from Japan, and 1 each from Indonesia, Holland, and Australia.

The Longboard Division had 14 competitors, 9 from Malaysia, 2 from Indonesia, 2 from Thailand, and 1 from Japan, and the Bodyboard Division had 26 competitors, 20 from Malaysia, 5 from the Maldives, and 1 from Japan.

In conjunction with the government of Terengganu, Rip Curl Malaysia is proud to be the first surf brand in Malaysia to sponsor a 6-star rated ASC surfing competition with total prize money of 36,500 MYR (over $12,000 USD) across five surfing divisions; Men’s, Women’s, Longboard, Masters, and Bodyboard, plus a Skateboard Slalom Race and various specialty awards such as “Best Malaysian Surfer,” “Best Terengganu Local” and more.  In addition there was 22,500 MYR ($7,500 USD) worth of Rip Curl products given out to the finalists.

With big prize money and valuable ASC championship points on offer, the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu attracted the Asian region’s best professional surfers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, and the Maldives, as well as surfers from Japan, Singapore, England and France to compete over the weekend that was blessed by good contestable waves, lots of Fanta drinks and Nestle ice cream for all the spectators and competitors, sunscreen from Sunplay, surf lessons from the Rip Curl School of Surf, surfboard shaping demonstration’s by world re-known shaper Darren Handley, and surboard painting by Laura Pabst de Cesar. Check out the video clips below to see what went down over the action packed three days.

To see all the results, photos, heat draws, videos and more check Rip Curl Pro Terengganu on the Rip Curl Asia minisite at asia.ripcurl.com, and on the ASC website atwww.asiansurfingtour.com.

Rip Curl Pro Terengganu 2012 Contest Results:

ASC Men’s Open Division
1. Made Darmayasa (IDN)
2. Garut Widiarta (IDN)
3. Andre Julian (IDN)
4. Sandi Selamat (IDN)

ASC Longboard Division
1. Arip Nurhidayat (IDN)
2. Tipi Jabrik (IDN)
3. Decha Sithidej (THA)
4. Khairil Doje (MLY)

ASC Women’s Division
1. Jesse Hong (TWN)
2. Yasnyiar Gea (IDN)
3. Diah Rahayu (IDN)
4. Salini Rengganis (IDN)

ASC Master’s Division
1. Tipi Jabrik (IDN)
2. James Hendy (ENG)
3. Decha Sithidej (THA)
4. Yasuo Hirana (JPN)

Bodyboard Division
1. Ibrahim Shiman (MDV)
2. Syed El Hussain Syed Atikullah (MLY)
3. Ali Javeed (MDV)
4. Hatta Affendi (MLY)

Specialty Awards
Best Malaysian Surfer  –  Mohd Didaqt
Best Junior Surfer – Mohd Shahizal
Best Surf Trick – Garut Widiarta
Best Terengganu Surfer – Azmi Awang
Terengganu Achievement Award – JC (Kit)
Best Photo Contest – 1st Chow Chee Keunk, 2nd Mohd Radzi Abdul Kadir, 3rd Mohd Farid

The Rip Curl Pro Terengganu 2012 was sponsored and supported by the State Government of Terengganu, Rip Curl Malaysia, EC Extreme, the Ministry of Tourism Terengganu Office, and Tourism Malaysia, and co-sponsored by Fanta, Nestle Drumstick and Sunplay with Suria FM as media partner.

Photo and text by ASC

Non-Stop Action on Day Two of Rip Curl Pro Terengganu

1 December 2012, Terengganu-Malaysia: Day of Rip Curl Pro Terengganu got off to a slow start this morning due to a rain storm drenching the beach for about two hours, delaying the start of competition from the planned 7:30 am kickoff time to just after 9:30, when the first heat of the Men’s Open Round 2 paddled out to do battle.

The weather rapidly improved and the sun broke out, heating things up on the beach while the action in the water also got hot and heavy, as Asia’s top surfers battled it out to advance and get one stop closer to tomorrow’s final.

Indonesia’s Garut Widiarta posted the day’s highest single wave score in his Round 2 heat, a 7.5 (out of a possible 10 points) for a backside aerial 360, to advance to a quarterfinal berth tomorrow.  Other standouts were Marlon Gerber and Darmaputra Tonjo, whose expertise in aerial maneuvers in the smallish 1-2 foot waves got them big scores from the judging panel.

The 16 Women’s Division contestants were next out, with 5-time and current Indonesian champion Yasnyiar “Bonne” Gea, current Asian women’s champ Annissa Flynn (THD), Diah Rayahu (IDN) and Jessie Hong (TWN) all winning their heats to advance to the semifinals.

The Master’s Division and Longboard Division also were run today, setting up for the semifinals tomorrow as well.

During the full day of surfing there was also a special board shaping demonstration by Australia’s Darren Handley, who is the personal shaper for world champion surfers Stephanie Gilmore and Mick Fanning, surfboard art painting by Laura Pabst de Cesar, a poster signing session by the Rip Curl Asia surf team and Darren Handley, lots of free Fanta and Nestle’s ice cream, surf lessons and games and all manner of fun in the sun.

The quarterfinals of the Men’s Open will start off first thing tomorrow morning with a stacked heat of top Indonesian surfers in Quarterfinal 1, as 2012 Indonesian and Asian champion Raditya Rondi takes on fellow Indonesians Garut Widiarta, Darmaputra Tonjo, and Devis Ratif, which should get the day off to another blazing start the final day of action at the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu where champions will be crowned in all divisions at the close of the day.

To follow the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu and see photos, heat draws, videos and more, check the Rip Curl Asia minisite on asia.ripcurl.com, and the ASC website at www.asiansurfingtour.com.

The Rip Curl Pro Terengganu 2012 is sponsored and supported by the State Government of Terengganu, Rip Curl Malaysia, EC Extreme, the Ministry of Tourism Terengganu Office, and Tourism Malaysia, and co-sponsored by Fanta, Nestle Drumstick and Sunplay with Suria FM as media partner.
Photo and Text by ASC