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Rip Curl Pro Terengganu: Day 1

30 November 2012, Terengganu-Malaysia: Day One of the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu got off to an exciting start this morning as Terengganu’s local dignitaries and event sponsors sounded off air horns to officially open the event at 10:30 am.

The Round 1 competitors in the Men’s Open were the first to see action in the 2-3 foot waves, with the mild weather and minimal winds making for perfect conditions for surfers and spectators alike, with many of Malaysia’s surfing fans heading down to the beach to get their weekend started.  In the Terengganu area, their weekend consists of Friday and Saturday due to their Muslim religion, which necessitates a mid day break for prayers each day as well.

After the mid day break, the 26 bodyboarders from Malaysia, the Maldives, and Japan had their chance to compete, while some of the other competitors skated on the slalom course and free surfed down the beach, and the spectators had a chance to take surf lessons with Jonathan Morrison-Deaker from the Rip Curl School of Surf, play games at the Fanta and Rip Curl booths, get their board painted by surfboard artist Laura Mannheim, eat tons of Nestle ice cream, and just relax and watch the action going down in the water.

Tomorrow will see Round 2 of the Men’s Open hit the water first thing at 7:30 am, in what promises to be a very full day of competitive action.  If you are anywhere near Terengganu, come on down to the beach and enjoy the show!

To follow the Rip Curl Pro Terengganu and see photos, heat draws, videos and more, check the Rip Curl Asia minisite on asia.ripcurl.com, and the ASC website atwww.asiansurfingtour.com.

The Rip Curl Pro Terengganu 2012 is sponsored and supported by the State Government of Terengganu, Rip Curl Malaysia, EC Extreme, the Ministry of Tourism Terengganu Office, and Tourism Malaysia, and co-sponsored by Fanta, Nestle Drumstick and Sunplay with Suria FM as media partner.

Photo and Text by ASC