The left point break of CheratingPoint :

It’s the most famous and most surfed beach and offers the most consistent breaking wave in Malaysia. The spot is located just a few minutes walk from our surf school . On the weekends it can get quite packed, but therefore the weekdays are quiet. On a good day, you can get really long rides which seem to last about a minute. Only the dealing with the current can be irritating sometimes.Most friendly sport in Malaysia.If you hang out here for few days for sure you get to know the whole village.

Wave Condition

The surf spots in and around Cherating provide different levels of severity which suit beginner, intermediate, advanced and longboard surfers.

The consistency and perfect sand-bottom point breaks, starting from chest height up to 4.5 ft, make this experience for all kind of surfers unforgettable. Especially the friendly long point breaks, which can give you a ride up to 500 meters or longer. As the wave conditions are really good, the fact of non-crowded spots and sharing waves in a respectful way between locals and travelling guests, make it a very unique place to visit.

The coastline up north of Cherating provides several secret spots which are just waiting to be surfed and the locals are willed to share this gift from “mother nature” with other passionate surfers from all over the world.

Monsoon season

The season starts from Mid November until March, whereby we would recommend to the experienced ones the high peak from middle of December until February.This is the best time as the swell and wave is very consistence during this time.

The Village

Cherating village is a typical small lazy East Coast fishing village, although in our days the backpacker-tourism is the major income here. The place is extremely laid-back and the beach is long and wide. The scenery is not as beautiful as on the islands off the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, but a charming spirit definitely surrounds this place.

The best way to describe it is if you come with an open mind and heart you will be a part of the community quite fast and be involved in the village life. The time in this tiny place at the seaside is running more slowly and the different aspects in life get a new point of view while you are far away from the mind and work controlled “everyday-day-life” at home.

Just come over and experience it by yourself……we are waiting to welcome you!

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