We are open for season 2022/2023

Hi to all,

Monsoon is back and the season is on. Even the surf started early this year, already in October, by now we’re having a flat period and the waves are taking a small break.

But in between we had already some lessons going on and the conditions out there were perfect for beginners.

So if you’re keen on getting your first surfing experience don’t hesitate to contact us via email at cheratingpoint@googlemail.com

We will be happy to find a suitable package or single lessons according to your needs and skills.

We are expecting the next reliable swell from 2nd December onwards. So just get in touch with us!


Cheratingpoint surf school Team.

Some of random shots since we open. Low Resolution Images at 72 dpi, if you wanna have high resolution ones we do sell’s drop us an email. “shots with full frame D810”

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