Lesson session 1-6/12/22 by us.



Hi everyone,

We were pleased with some pleasant waves for beginners since last Thursday and it’s still lasting. All students had a great time and could build up some confidence in the water and with the waves. For us small swells are the best to teach and forward some knowledge to our guests.

Once you have completed the basic knowledge about surfing incl. awareness in the water, rules while riding or trying to take a wave, looking at the current and the right spot to be, pop up on the board and positioning yourself correctly on it etc. Then you’re ready to practise on your own. And the rest is up to you…what you might achieve or not!

We’re simply here to guide you on your path and be happy to share our knowledge with you!

For booking inquiries simply drop us an email at cheratingpoint@googlemail.com and we will reach out to you!

Upon request Photos with out water mark Jpeg/Tiff full resolution at 300dpi can be send to you via email. Additional charges