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Lesson session late October and November 2021

Cheratingpoit surf school

Good morning everyone,

The monsoon season this year started in late October and we are officially open since then. As usual the November was a bit slow as the monsoon was just about to build up and by now we can say it’s more constant throughout the December.

We are really pleased to have welcomed already so many students by now & hope all of them enjoyed their water time here with us! The conditions were suitable throughout the lessons and everybody had the chance to get their first ride on the board.

The festive season is around the corner and there is many more swells to come. Who wanna avoid the crowds during that time can also just come over in January, whereby the surf season is still on.

We are looking forward to the next weeks & wishing everybody a fun time while surfing!


Cheratingpoint surf school team

We are official open for monsoon season 2021/2021.

Are you ready for the monsoon season 2021/2021? Because we are!

After the calm and quiet off-season we jumped right into monsoon with some small swells and many new students at the beginning of November. We started the season officially at the20th of October2021 and CheratingPoint surf school welcomed a  Japenese Family living in KL and few fresh newbies.

CheratingPoint is the oldest and biggest surf school in Malaysia and has been established in 2008. We connect our professional attitude with lots of fun and we will make sure that you will never forget your first surf experience. Our instructors are all well trained, local (malaysian)surfers which convey village and beach vibes with their knowledge about surfing. It is our pleasure to create a memorable experience for you and get you a closer look to a surfer’s life and attitude – eat, surf, sleep!


Please make sure to book your surf  in advance, contact us any time via emai for further information or questions.

Cheratingpoint surf school Team.

Established since 2008.

We are Open for booking for season 2021/2022


“we are  ready for you”

Hi everyone!

We’re really stoked to announce that the new surf season is round the corner and with the lift on the interstate travel ban we are ready to operate by 15th October 2021. So for any booking inquiries please get in touch with us via email at ,We will be happy to assist you & hopefully welcome you soon on Cherating Beach then!

Cheratingpoint surf school Team.





Surf Season 2020/21 is on – book now!

Hi everyone out there,

It’s been a pretty turbulent year so far with all the Covid 19 issues around the whole globe which influence all our lives and show us that nothing has to stay the way as we know it. But nevertheless ,life must go on and we all have to take our responsible part in it!

That’s why we are more than happy to officially announce that we are open for bookings from now on for the surf season 2020/21.

For updated prices and general infos around packages and single lessons please visit our website first. For further details, individual packages and booking inquiries please drop us an email at

We are looking forward to another great monsoon experience in Cherating  together with all of you. Just contact us and get your personal booking done!

Cheratingpoint Team

3rd-19th January cheratingpoint surf school lesson


Morning all,

January has passed by so fast that the New Year’s & Christmas celebrations feel already quite far away. Anyway, all the students this month had really good conditions waiting for them once they arrived here for their little surf getaway.

All our guests from overseas, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore were able to achieve some decent first rides and of course don’t forget the fun factor and laughter at the same time.

But nevertheless every season comes to an end and so we have 1 more month to go before we gonna close the monsoon chapter of 2019/20. So for those who are still keen to give it a try, hurry up and book your slot with us!

Our closing weekend will be 29th February-1st March 2020! So either see you around til then or the latest next season – from November 2020 onwards we will be back…

Cheratingpoint surf school team.

Snap shots during the sessions

20th December – 2nd January 2020 surf lesson.


Hi everyone,

Just a blink of the eyes and Christmas & New Year’s has passed already. Our students of the last 2 weeks were blessed with some decent waves to build up their first skills on and in the water.

From sunshine to rainy days we had every kind of weather as well, but nevertheless the waves were always there to play around.

We wanna say thank you to those who visited us so far in monsoon season of 2019/20 & wishing everyone out there a happy & healthy New Year!

For those who are still not sure whether they should go for some surfing class or not, just come over and give it a first try during a weekend trip. Nothing to loose, only something to win!

Have a good weekend ahead & see you around!

Regards Cheratingpoint surf school team.


The recent random snap shoot’s

Up-to 19th December 2019 surf Lesson


Selamat pagi to all,

The last 2 weeks we had customers from all around the globe who were really lucky to explore the waves at Cheratingpoint in good conditions. Weather doesn’t count at this point – no matter if rain or sunshine – the fun will be always there!

Some days offered the real face of Cherating’s wave with stronger current and more effort to put inside and some days were gentle and playful with lots of fun waves.

By now we’re in the middle of Monsoon and lots of more weeks with waves to go. So don’t miss out on that & come over to see it with your own eyes…

Cheratingpoint surf school team


7th-19th December Snap shots for our lesson.

17th November – 6th December 2019 Surf lesson


Good morning to all,

Meanwhile the surf season is already full on and we’re excited to share another great monsoon with all of you.

So far we had a few small swells which were more than gentle to all our students and left a big smile on their face when they waved good-bye to Kampung Cherating.

This week we are blessed with some really nice waves and there is plenty of space for every level of surfing skills in the water.

The swell gonna stay throughout the weekend & for those who are keen on running away from the city there is a nice option waiting for you here right on the beach of Cherating.


Our surf lesson session 17th November – 6th December 2019


Hi everyone,

Believe it or not…the first 3 weeks have been passed by already since we opened up the surf school again for this monsoon season 2019/20.

Swell has been alright all the way for our students to gain their first experiences on the board. Of course there have been still some lay days in between, where the sea was flat and the waves just disappeared. But no worries, it’s still early season, so the waves are not as constant as during December and January. So there is much more on the way to explore and play with.

This weekend we’re having a 2-3ft swell, which is pretty acceptable already. Today we had a great day out there.

So for those who don’t know yet what to do this weekend, better pack your stuff and give it a try on the East Coast of Malaysia in Cherating.

We’re here and just waiting to share some “water time” with you guys! Just contact us either via email or phone & we can work something out together!


Cheratingpoint surf school team.



Some shots from 1st-23rd November 2019

Plan your 2019/2020 monsoon with Cheratingpoint surf school

Pleace click ^ for the  video


Everyone’s out there already excited about the upcoming surf season on the east coast of Malaysia? So, we are!

November is the perfect month for some small gentle swells to roll in to figure out your first surfing skills in and on the water.

December and January are the two most constant months for surfing, whereby beginners and intermediate surfers will have some guaranteed  fun water time. And we will be happy to assist you at anytime!

February as well provides some more waves for everybody before the magic of the monsoon slowly vanishes again for a few months time.

If all these facts sound tempting to you just drop us an email at, to find your little holiday hut and surf guide to gain some 100% sweet memories in Cherating.

We are open for bookings & looking forward to assist you to realise your personal surfing holiday.

Thank you to  for the video. Check out her VLOG on the link.


November 2019  : Open for booking
December 2019  : Open for booking
January 2020        : Open for booking
Febuary 2020       :  Open for booking


Additional info’s of cherating please click here :

Pahang, Malaysia: Surfing in Cherating


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