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 This is it everyone. Rimba Alam Downhill Jam 2013 will be the first ever official longboarding event to take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.It will be a two-day event over the weekend held in Putrajaya and will consist of a downhill race and a slide jam. We are already talking to the local authorities to get this event sanctioned.

Check out the track preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCJGY80nL9I

Here’s the best part, we’re also talking to the management at Putrajaya Challenge Park to allow us to camp overnight during the race. That’s right, the first day of the race won’t end at the hill. Enjoy BBQ for dinner, skate some bowls or even the freeride hill to unwind.

Here are some videos of PCP by Syamly to get you going:

We’re hoping to get everyone from all over Malaysia together for this event. Let’s all work together to grow the local scene and show everyone the awesome hills and talented riders we have here!! And of course we hope to see our brothers and sisters from around the world attend this too!


So here are the details of the event:

Date: June 22 & 23 (Saturday and Sunday)

– Race practice, qualifying heats and slidejam (June 22)
– Race practice, race, prize giving ceremony (June 23)

Venue: Taman Rimba Alam, Putrajaya


Registration details:

Registration A: Downhill & Slidejam (RM60) – lunch pack for two days, water, BBQ & camping at Putrajaya Challenge Park on Saturday night, event t-shirt and sticker pack (first 30 confirmed registrations)

*Note: Registration for the downhill race will be capped at 64 riders. Participation in the slidejam is free for racers.

Registration B: Slidejam only (RM40) – lunch pack for two days, water, BBQ & camping at Putrajaya Challenge Park on Saturday night, event t-shirt and sticker pack (first 30 confirmed registrations)

Please follow the following steps to complete your registration:

(1) Download the form from the links attached below

[PDF: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ZdC2jVnNsFRlFJelZic0Z5cnM/edit?usp=sharing]

[WORD: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B6ZdC2jVnNsFWXpTaWltNkg4T2c/edit?usp=sharing]

(2) E-mail the completed form to tfyskate@gmail.com
(3) Confirm your registration:

Malaysians: You will receive an e-mail with the payment details after which you are required to make full payment on your registration fee.

Singaporeans: Please make full payment at Longboard Love Board Shop (Shasha) in either Malaysian Ringgit or Singaporean Dollars (SGD25 for downhill & slidejam / SGD18 for slidejam).

Indonesians: Make full payment to Yudo Baskoro @ Watermelon Board Shop in either Malaysian Ringgit (we prefer this!) or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR192,000 for downhill & slidejam / IDR128,000 for slidejam).

Other internationals: Please e-mail us your flight booking in order for us to confirm your registration.

Once your registration is confirmed, you will be included in the riders list which will be updated on this page weekly.

Note: If you are under 18, you are required to provide the organisers with a signed consent letter from your parents. Please pass the consent letter to the organisers when you check in during the first day of the event.

REGISTRATION CLOSES MAY 31 which means you need to have sent in your forms and payments/flight details by then.


About the downhill race:

In the interest of time and to make sure everything runs smoothly, we will be limiting the race to 64 participants ONLY.

Riders will be randomly seeded into qualifying heats. This means you will have to race to qualify.

The top riders will qualify under the Class A division, while the rest will be under the Class B division. This way, everybody gets to race!

Safety rules: Helmets, Knee pads and slide gloves are MANDATORY if you want to race. We’re also applying a no skin policy which means you gotta be fully clothed, long pants and long sleeves.


About the slidejam:

Best trick, longest standie, biggest air, etc…..more details to be announced soon! There will be no limit to the number of participants for the slidejam.


If you have any questions or would like to sponsor/support or help organise the event, drop us an email at tfyskate@gmail.com or contact any of the admins (Adam, Izzy, Farhan, Ching).

Want to see your group logo on our flyer? Drop us a mail too!

Keep watching this page for more updates!

Our sponsors:
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